PDR: Wands, wands, wands

I’ve drawn at least one wand a day for the past week: very interesting. Today’s reading:

Focus card: Four of Cups (The ‘focus card’ is to help me with meditation and is also a sort of tarot mantra to keep me from sassing customers when they bug me at work.)
This card seems pertinent today. I’ve been having very strong ‘grass is greener’ feelings the past couple of days, wondering if I made the right choice when I moved away from a reporting career. I know that I did (or at least I think I did), but reporting seems much more appealing after four months spent hawking clothes at Old Navy.

Mind: King of Wands
I wish! I haven’t been feeling very creatively empowered lately, but this guy just keeps popping up. I’m going to read this positively, to say that even if I haven’t done a lot of writing lately, it’s in my brain, waiting for me to seize the moment. Anyway, the King of Wands definitely seems to have a major part to play in my life right now.

Body: Three of Cups
Hmm. I mostly feel blah physically, so I’m not sure where to go with this. This woman is very sexy and seductive, with her dancing and her veils… I don’t feel like that at all! I did wear a cute outfit today, though… does that count? 🙂

Spirit: Four of Wands
I don’t feel like I’m quite in this place, but I think this card shows where I’m headed. I’ve been practicing meditation and trying to refresh my spiritual side, so I’m taking this card very positively. I’m definitely headed toward that sheltered spot among the wands.

All and all, today’s reading made me feel good. Post-meditation, pre-work seems like a good time to do my daily read. It’s good to know that the wands are in my life one way or another, even if I don’t have a lot of time or energy to write.

On a side note, my poor Legacy of the Divine deck has gotten rather beat up since we started our monogamous PDR journey together. The Knight of Swords has some major cat claw gouges, the Fool’s border is chipping, and they’re all showing a little wear. I made a bag last night that I’m quite happy with. It’s soft yet sturdy, flexible enough to fit in my purse and still protect the deck. So yay.


3 thoughts on “PDR: Wands, wands, wands

  1. I’m just now catching up on getting everyone added and read! With all that Wands energy, you may find yourself motivated! Go for it!
    Personally, I’m much more comfortable with a deck that shows a little wear. It shows you’re already friends.

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