Wake-Up Call

People say not to use tarot cards casually, but occasionally, when you’re playing around, you get a slap-in-the-face, sit-up-and-take-notice reading.

This is one of those.

I read about a simple spread and decided to try it out with the loverly Lunatic Tarot, asking about my new job. (Yay, by the way, about the new job!)

The Situation: The Magician
Yep. This magician is completely tuned in to his work. His eyes are closed, he’s focused, absorbed. In general, this card refers to taking powerful action, realizing your potential, and committing yourself wholly. With this job, I’ll be doing what I’m trained to do, using my degree, and, I think, finally acting on my potential.

What to Do: The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man here is almost magically suspended. He’s serene and letting the change in perspective wash over him. This card can often refer (at least historically) to an initiation, a suspension of doubts, and an acceptance of a new situation. There’s a sense of existing only in the moment, and of changing your perspective… I think if I want to be successful as a reporter, particularly in this town, I need to let go of my doubts and give myself over to a new life. Like with the previous card, I need to commit to the moment and learn to accept new points of view.

On a more literal level, as a reporter, I do need to strive to see the world in a different way. It’s also an opportunity to make change in a real way. Talk about responsibility! Yipes.

What Not to Do: The Fool
This one was the slap in a face.  My last experience with reporting, I WAS the Fool. Completely naive, leaping without looking. I can’t even elaborate here, because this one is so obvious. I need to be wiser, more canny. Innocence translates into gullibility when you’re working with politicians and interest groups, and that is absolutely something I need to watch out for when I’m covering city hall.

2 thoughts on “Wake-Up Call

  1. You’re right about this reading! Valuable perspective and advice here. I wouldn’t say your were just playing around when you pulled this, but on the other hand, simple 3 card readings can contain so much.

    Yay about the job, btw!

    Now I’ve got to go check out this deck!

  2. Hi Kristin. This is the first time I’m stopping by. I really like seeing how you worked through this spread – I’m very new at reading right now. Plus, I think I just fell in love with the Lunatic Tarot Deck! lol I will definitely be following your journies!



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