Get Ready, Get Set, Goals!

And a happy Halloween to you.

NaNoWriMo officially starts tomorrow–or tonight, if you’re a night owl, I suppose. I’m entering panic mode, looking at my Scrivener outline and thinking, “There’s just not enough story here for a full novel, I’ll never get 50,000 words, why am I doing this, what’s the matter with me, I’M GOING TO GET EATEN BY A PLOT SHARK AND MY SOUL WILL BE DEVOURED BY STORY DEMONS!!”

That’s an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Most of those thoughts come from the Inner Editor, and it’s about time to gag her and stuff her into the never-opened water heater closet in the bathroom. On a rational level, I know I have a good, long outline worth at least 60,000 words, and that outline will more than likely expand as I go. It always does. I also know that 1,667 words a day (even if that’s a minimum), is not that many words.

So here is my cool, collected list of attainable goals for NaNoWriMo:

  • Write 1,667 words every day, at minimum.
  • Learn to tell the Inner Editor to shut the hell up.
  • Learn to let a first draft be a first draft. No more agonizing for an hour over “extracted” versus “untangled.”
  • Finish my current novel, Shaken (This one might be a lofty goal, but no one ever accidentally shot a friend by aiming high.)
  • Spend at least one hour every week refueling, as per Emmie Mears’s challenge.
If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, what are your goals? If not, tell me some of your goals for November anyway!

2 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set, Goals!

  1. Egads. Isn’t it enough that I signed up for NaNoWriMo? Now I have to have goals? 😉

    I’m gonna go for one goal (times 30): write 1,700 words per day.

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