And Then There Were Two…

Last night, I finished Shaken! Yay!! Cue the rivers of flowing champagne and victory music.

Just to give you a visual, here’s a photo of The Radiometry Conspiracy, in two blue binders, next to Shaken in a single purple binder.

At 86,000 words, Shaken is svelte compared to the 215,000 -word Conspiracy. Yipes. It’s time to start seriously editing, guys.

So now you have your first glimpse of my two books, as well as my messy kitchen and the habitat of my fish, Sweeney.

That’s it for today, readers. I’m off to celebrate my second first-draft completion AND my seven-year anniversary with my fiance. Happy Saturday!

6 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two…

  1. Wait a bit before you edit. It’s good to take some time to get out of writing mode and into reading mode before you shred your darling to bloody bits.

    But don’t wait too long or you’ll never get back to it, much like my last NaNo project that sits forgotten in the corner without legs that I never built it.

    And that’s where it will stay.

    • Well, Conspiracy has been waiting for my attention since June. It’s time. It’s just… SO LONG… I’m intimidated by my own first draft, especially since I know it needs more of a rewrite than an edit.

    • It is weirdly satisfying to have a hard copy. You should try it. 🙂

      I mostly do it since my first reader insists on having a hard copy to mark up.

  2. They look so neat and lovely. I have two of mine printed. One is in 3 separate 3-prong folders. The other is held together by a huge binder clip and is peeking out from under stacks of notebooks on my desk as I type this. Poor thing. It’s suffering from curling page corners. Seeing the bulk of your “Conspiracy” story gives me hope that my story leviathans aren’t so terrible after all.

    • Ugh, Conspiracy is so long just looking at it makes me feel tired. Hopefully the rewrite won’t take as long as the original writing.

      By the way, welcome! And thanks for the comments. 🙂

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