And the Winner Is…

After crossing 10,000 views last week, I offered a crafty little giveaway. Today, all the entries went into a bowl, I drew a name, and the winner is…

Candace Knoebel, a fellow writer who followed the blog last week, and whose blog I’m excited to follow myself! (You should go check her out, too.)

So congrats, Candace! I’ll shoot you an email and find out what sort of craft-goodness you’d like to receive.

Now, for some business.

Readers, I am so very busy. I’m getting ready to send off my first batch of queries, I’m researching and writing heavily for a personal project, I’m plotting a new novel, and I have two trips planned in August.

Do you see where this is going?

I have to cut back on the blogging. You’ve been seeing me three times a week, but you’ll probably see me a little less during the month of August. I’m not going to commit to a particular schedule, but I’ll still look at Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as potential blogging days. You just won’t get new content on every one of those days.

Take heart, though. I have some exciting things planned for us here and I hope you’ll stick around to see them.

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