The Battle of the Great Ambivalence

Have you ever warred with your own apathy?

Apathetic cat feels… it doesn’t matter.

As some of you may remember, I’ve been trying to read The Wheel of Time and to watch Angel.

I haven’t really succeeded at either. I get excited in individual chapters or episodes, but somehow I reach a stopping point and never go back. It’s kind of getting to the point where I wonder why I’m even bothering.

It’s not the characters, because I like some of them… though definitely not all. And it’s not the plot, at least not entirely, because sometimes I enjoy it. But feeling like I should read or watch something just isn’t cutting it anymore.

What’s your breaking point? How little can you care before you just can’t carry on?

2 thoughts on “The Battle of the Great Ambivalence

  1. Oh gosh… The Wheel of Time Books… I go to book four before getting distracted by other things. That was several years ago. I keep meaning to pick them back up. It’s kind of hard to think about. I mean… I want to. I enjoyed them at the time. But now that I’ve been reading the Song of Ice and Fire series… Nothing else seems to grab me as much at the moment!

    I finally watched Angel last year and enjoyed it, though not as much as Buffy. I’m getting hubby to watch both with me right now and it’s fun to see them again. I think he’s finally starting to enjoy Buffy. It only took three seasons. lol

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