Why Write: A New Blog Project

Why write?

Wow, that’s a big question, and one I’m not going to answer today. Instead, I want to announce a new series of posts I’d like to kick off in April.

I want to explore why genre writers write the stories they do. Why, for example, write fantasy? Why write for teens? Why write romance, or why write erotica? Why write horror? What is it about these stories that compels writers to tell them, and what is it that readers love to find in them?

Genre fiction is literary, too! …though maybe not Twilight.

So, to help me answer some of these questions, I’m looking for a series of writers at all stages of publishing—agented, querying, self-published, traditionally-published—to come here to Kristin’s Fantasies and chat with me about why they chose their particular genre and what about it gives them joy.

Specifically, I’m looking for writers in these genres:

  • romance
  • paranormal
  • erotica
  • children’s/MG
  • epic fantasy
  • sci-fi
  • graphic novels
  • urban fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • horror
  • suspense
  • chick lit
  • any genre in between or unlisted

Really, if your book can be put on a shelf (even an imaginary shelf, like “Literary Fiction”), I want you to talk to me about that particular shelf and what you find there.

How it’ll work:

  1. You send me a message, Tweet, or comment saying you want in, what genre you write, and an email address.
  2. I send you an email and we figure out when your post will run.
  3. I send you some questions, you reply, I send some follow-up questions, and we have an e-mail conversation like friends.
  4. Alternatively, you can write a little essay. We’ll talk!
  5. I run the post here on the date we decided.

What you get out of it:

Promotion! Connections with other writers! A chance to talk about your work and books in general! An e-hug! A blog post you can reblog someday when you don’t feel like writing a new post!

So… who wants to play??

8 thoughts on “Why Write: A New Blog Project

  1. If you’ve still got room, I’m an agented YA author! I won’t lie: I write contemporary romance, or as I prefer to call it “Teen Chick Lit.” You can reach me at emcaines (at) outlook (dot) com.

  2. If you have not been overwhelmed yet, I do like to waffle on about myself. I write science-fiction and fantasy, particularly historical (or history-inspired) fantasy.

  3. What an interesting angle. Saw your post on twitter and came to read the blog again. I write epic speculative fiction for adults. I’m dying to see all the differences in motivation (if any)! You can reach me at morgenrich57ATgmailDOTcom.

  4. This sounds fun! I’d definitely be interested if you need more people 🙂 I write YA, usually some sort of speculative fiction, but sometimes not, but always YA. You can reach me at sessa [dot] steph [at] gmail [dot] com.

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