No NaNo

So, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

I know. I’m shocked, too.

This is a departure for me. Usually, I have a book I want to finish in November. some ongoing project I need the nuclear power of a thousand other writers behind to wrap up.

Last year, I told myself I’d power through the second book of the Mitzy Morgan series, but, since I was querying the first book, I decided I just couldn’t do it. Instead, I wrote a new book, one I still feel is something good or great, something that remains in the hopeful queue.

Right now, I have a loose outline, character notes, and agent-approval on a new book. In fact, I’ve had these things. So why no NaNo?

1. I can’t take the pressure. Submitting books is hard, y’all. It’s a lot of waiting and wondering. The thought of adding a deadline for a new book is intimidating and makes me want to pee myself a little. And no one likes pee.

2. I’m a wee bit competitive. If I start a book at the same time as my friends do, I’ll end up feeling inadequate and ashamed when I’m slower than they are.


3. I think this book could be really good, and I want to take my time. I’m a believer in outlines. Mitzy #2 was tough for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons was a loosey-goosey outline. I’m not gonna do that again. I have faith in this one, and I’m gonna outline the crap out of it. Oasis just flew off the page, and that was in part because of my preparation. No more pantsing for Kristins.

OMG SLOW DOWN! My writing buddies are, like, super-fast.

4. I’m lazy. Right now I’m working on clergy-training classwork, SDF materials, and pre-novel prep. There’s only so much I can (or will) do. These things take time, as my mentor tells me, and, because I’m lazy, I’m pretty willing to give myself that time. Time = good. Pressure = bad. At least right now.

Yep. I love my couch. *snuggles couch*

5. Because I could’ve been a cheerleader. I totally tried to be a cheerleader in eighth grade. You didn’t have to try out or anything, but it seems I missed the deadline. Still, I’m a peppy type, and I think I can help my friends who are writing (or, you know, playing football). I can shake my booty and wave pompoms. And that’s what I’m going to do.

No, really… I’m happy you’re writing more words than me.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo 2013? Why or why not? How are you doing with that decision?


8 thoughts on “No NaNo

  1. While I am sad to have to wait for a new project, I applaud your restraint. I am sure your new book will turn out great.

    As for me, I am sorta participating, mostly to jump-start a few projects and get myself out of a rut. Ask me in a week how my sanity is holding up.

    • I’ll be asking myself the same question in a week! I’m already twitchy and nervous with all this productivity around me, and it’s only going to get worse!

  2. No NaNo for me. I want to finish the two projects I’ve been editing – though I won’t admit in public how long I’ve been working on them. If you ever want a sprint buddy who takes things at more like a stroll, look me up.

    • Will do! I’ll dig into this new book very soon, but I want to feel a little more ready first. Though I am straying into, “I’ve been working on this for HOW long?!” territory. 😉

  3. You have nothing to feel bad about, but I think I would feel the same if I wasn’t participating. I kind of planned to do NaNo for the last six months though because I knew I would need it to get this project done.

    I totally get the competition part though. If it makes you feel better, it is greatly thanks to you that my sprinting word counts are as high as they are. Because you were one of my sprinting buddies last Nano (the first one I ever did), your high word counts are what made me work faster and I’m a better sprinter now because I wanted to reach your level. ❤

    • Aww, thanks, Shauna! Irony, though — I remember YOU inspiring ME to work faster and sprint harder. The beauty of Team Awesome. ❤

      • That is kind of awesome. Like none of us quite remembering who actually started Team Awesome! We’re just all in it together. It doesn’t matter who pushed who, at least we helped each other!

  4. I know this is almost a year old, but I just found your blog today via a Google search that lead me to your Oct. 2010 post on outlining vs discovery writing. I’m super curious about what happened to change your writing style from discovery writing to outlining.

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