Linky Things

I haven’t been around these parts much lately, have I?

It’s not because I don’t love you. I do. Mostly, I’ve just been lots of OTHER places, plus, you know, being sick, which is time-consuming and anti-productive.

But, if you miss me, you can check me out in these spots!

Spellbound Scribes
In which I write about spin-offs!
I also talked about Samhain recently.
I also wrote about how my husband and I read books together. (Aww.)

Solitary Druid Fellowship
I write about druid-things pretty regularly at the Solitary Druid Fellowship, so if you feel curious, you should check that out as well!

Searching for Superwomen
While I’ve been neglectful of blog posts over there, too, you can see my face almost every week on their YouTube channel, talking Supernatural or running our wild-n-crazy Magetech RPG.


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