A Bosom Release and Giveaway



What, you ask? Why, only the release day of my bosom friend Emmie Mears’s debut novel, THE MASKED SONGBIRD!

Pretty exciting, right? My little bosom writer friend has grown up into a superhero, book-releasing author friend, and I couldn’t be more proud. For those of you who don’t know, Emmie and I “met” through our blogs almost three (or was it four?!) years ago. We quickly bonded over shared love of awesomeness like Buffy and gaming, and, you know, that crazy thing we do called writing. Before we knew it, we were talking almost every single day via G-chat or text and “introducing” each other to our families (read: felines) on Skype.

Since then, I had the great pleasure of flying out to stay with her for Capclave, where we met George R. R. Martin and got to have in-person shenanigans for the first (but definitely not the last) time. Our friendship has blossomed, and Emmie is one of the more important people in my life these days. (That title comes with a special t-shirt, you know…. okay, I lie. It doesn’t. But it should!)

To celebrate her release day, I thought we could have a little digital release party right here on my blog, where the adventure began. I’ll be giving away THREE copies of the book, and, believe it or not, it gets even cooler than that.

You see, Emmie’s book is part of an urban fantasy box set from Harlequin, and if you win the giveaway, you’ll receive THREE OTHER BOOKS as part of the deal. Pretty awesome, right? Check it out:

Reap & Redeem by Lisa Medley: A reaper who has given up on salvation, Kylen lives for nothing more than destroying demons. But when he accidently saves a dying woman, he rediscovers his mission—and his heart. Now all he has to do is fight off an invasion from Hell….

The Masked Songbird by Emmie Mears: As a mild-mannered accountant, Gwen Maule’s biggest worries were her crap job and her loser boyfriend. After sipping a fizzy drink that gives her superpowers, though, she has to figure out if she has what it takes to save Scotland’s capital from a crazed villain.

Protective Ink by Misty Simon: Lissa MacLaughlin’s inking skills go beyond beautiful drawing. Her tattoos give the wearer the ability to tap into their own special powers. But when a mysterious enemy appears, Lissa’s longtime friend and one-time crush Jackson Freeling will need some protective ink of his own.

Mine Tomorrow by Jackie Braun: Devin Abernathy has turned her love of the past into a thriving business. Of course she never imagined that one of her vintage finds could actually transport her back to 1945—and into the arms of the man of her dreams. Is the past where she’s meant to be?

Are you excited yet?! You totally should be! So what do you need to do to win?

1. Comment on this post, and tell me which book you’re excited to read and why! Or what superpower you’d like to have. Or what INK you’d like to get! Or where you’d go back in time. Or how you’d last in a demonic invasion! Really, tell me anything about your interest in one of these four books.

2. Make sure you post before midnight EST, when I’ll close commenting, do the drawing, and update this post with the winners.

3. There is no step 3! Just do step 1 in accordance with step 2, and if you win one of the three copies, I’ll contact you for your email address so I can have Amazon send you the books.

Finally, let’s all join in and congratulate Emmie, Lisa, Misty, and Jackie on the release of a fantastic collection. I know I can’t wait to dig in! Congrats, all!

10 thoughts on “A Bosom Release and Giveaway

  1. I’m excited to read The Masked Songbird because Emmie is a dear friend of mine and I’m so happy for and proud of her and I’m so excited for her success!!! (more “ands” and “!!!s” needed in that sentence, BTW.)

    All of the other books sounds intriguing, especially Protective Ink — I’m a tattoo-lover, so I can’t help but be drawn to any stories revolving around body art.

  2. Thank you, Kristin! What a great post. I’m excited to be in this collection with Emmie and about the giveaway. Sam, I hope you like Protective Ink. It was a great joy to write.

  3. Im super excited to read the new Emmie Mears! I’ve known this lovely young lady for what seems like forever, and I know how talented she is!

  4. So here’s the thing, even if there weren’t three extraordinary books to *potentially win… I couldn’t pass the opportunity to wax a little lyrical about how AmAzInG Emmie is. I’m cheating, as I know her also & I’ve been part of the launch (hence please void me from the comp) but seriously, talent, smarts, generosity, beauty …hum, should I be hating on her just a little bit by now? Probably, but I CAN’T! And what a great promo idea, so I had to play!
    Naturally I pick Masked Songbird.
    Ink – a snake grabbed on to it’s tail (without fangs) it means eternity and re-birth (the fangs one means something less appealing)
    Super Power – Hum tough one, The ability to read minds, because seriously, wouldn’t it be great to know when someone’s full of crap?
    Demonic (like) vision – Well I blame my Nana for this one. The Slavic Jezi Baba Witches.
    As for a fantasy riddle character – The Flaming-Winged Owl, because he is a messenger of good and bad, so he is truly omnipresent and impartial.

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