October 3, 2004

Do you remember exactly what you were doing on this day, twelve years ago? I do. You never know the days that will change you forever. They start out like normal days, with normal things. Breakfast and tying your shoes and buying groceries. But by the end of a day, you’re a completely different person. … More October 3, 2004

The Worst Possible Advice to Give a Shy Person

I am both shy and introverted.* Dreadfully shy and extremely introverted. I used to get nervous calling to order pizza. As a newspaper reporter, I would shake violently before interviews. I’ve overcome a lot of this, but I still have to fight against my own nature when dealing with social situations. And I get a lot … More The Worst Possible Advice to Give a Shy Person

Frazzled Friday

You may have noticed the echoing silence ’round these parts the past couple weeks. I’m not trying to excuse myself, but I thought you might enjoy knowing where the heck I’ve been. 1. Last week, I was revising my latest book, Oasis, so I could get it sent off to my awesome agent. Revisions are labor … More Frazzled Friday