Farewell, 2011

This time last year, I was working my tail off to finish the first half of The Radiometry Conspiracy. This year, I’m going to take Mucinex cough syrup at regular intervals and enjoy a Ciaran Hinds movie marathon.

In 2011, I finished writing two books, boosted my blog, moved across the country (again), lost a beloved grandmother, and met a lot of wonderful new friends. Sweet and sad both, it’s been a lovely year. I feel okay giving myself the day off this last day of 2011 to recover from a cold.

Instead of a real blog post, I give you a cute cat picture. (I hear they do well on the interwebs.)


This is Portia. She’s about eight pounds and very fluffy, but in spite of appearances, she’s an evil genius and a criminal mastermind. She vomits on the carpet at least twice a week, she bullies our fifteen-pound male cat, and she bosses us around incessantly, but somehow we love and protect her and let her sleep on my pillow. She also spends a large portion of her time meowing in a high-pitched voice and demanding that I throw a plastic milk-jug ring for her to chase.

She’s very distracting.

So if you need some time off today, too, you can gaze at this picture, admire her cuteness, and let her distract you. Enjoy.

See you next year!

On Procrastination

Today’s blog post is brought to you by things Kristin does instead of writing. My top ten distractions are as follows, in no particular order:

1. Kitties! …Don’t judge me! See for yourself: they’re pretty darn cute.

2. Beverages. I simply cannot write without a cup of water. Or a cup of tea. Or a glass of port. There’s always something.

3. The Internet. Forums, Google Reader, Facebook, Amazon holiday deals… anything, really.

4. Other authors’ blogs. I blame you, Patrick Rothfuss!

5. My own blog… I’m writing about my writing, so it’s okay, right?

6. iTunes. If I could only find the perfect song for this scene, maybe the scene will just magically play out in my head like my own personal movie!

7.  My fiancé. He works from home, too, so I can talk to him any time about how cute the kitties are and share with him the things I find on the internet. Like pictures of cute kitties.

8. Chores. Mind you, I have to be pretty frustrated with my writing before I’ll procrastinate by doing housework.

9. Catherine the Great. Connor Grey. Or the lead of whatever book I’m currently reading.

10. Word count. I set myself a goal every day, and if the writing is going poorly, sometimes seeing that I have more than half of my goal to go after two hours have already passed is enough to just ruin the rest of my writing afternoon… Hence this blog post.

What distracts you?