I forgot to tell you all on Monday that I’m dropping the blog posts down to three days a week. I haven’t been getting much work done on my book lately, and, unfortunately, cutting back on blog posts is the easiest way to free up more writing time.

We just discovered that Puck, one of our two awesome cats, has a growth on one of his forelegs. It’s not dire—not yet—but it is upsetting and may require surgery. We spent a good portion of today at the vet and a lot of last night being upset. Bleh.


He looks pretty happy.

So today, readers, you get another round-up! Happy Hump-Day browsing!

Are fairytales too scary for modern kids?

Is a national reading list a form of literary hegemony?

It’ll be too late for you sign up for this by the time I publish, but I love the idea of a book blind date! I’ll be reading Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara, and I signed some poor soul up to read my favorite book, Possession by A. S. Byatt. (Perhaps I should’ve been kinder and gone with Mansfield Park or Pride and Prejudice?)

Shay Fabbro’s list of ways she doesn’t want to die may give me nightmares. On the other hand, it’s a great list of cruel things to do to irritating characters.

This Proudly Paranormal blog hop Adriana Ryan announced yesterday sounds intriguing for a fellow fantasy writer.

See you Friday!

Round Up!

You know how they make, erm, special pain pills for women?

Well, some of those pills have caffeine in them, and some have a mild sedative. Today I accidentally took the wrong sort, so I’ve been asleep on the couch with a cat on my feet and the TV running for most of the day—and not on purpose, because if I’d done that deliberately, it would’ve made for a pretty awesome day.

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So grab your hat and lasso, reader—it’s time for a link roundup. (Confession: there are a couple weeks of collected links here.)

What do our book choices tell book sellers about us?

Here are some of the reasons publishers pass on books that then go on to do well.

If kids’ books aren’t about nature any more, what the heck are they about?

This is why I always felt a little squiffy writing reviews.

Wouldn’t an Amazon brick-and-mortar store just be like a WalMart superstore, but without the creepy rollback smiley face?

What does it really many to collaborate with another author?

I totally would NOT eat squirrel. But then, I’m a vegetarian.

Emmie Mears is doing awesome things over at her blog this week to speak (and sing) out against violence against women.

I’m totally with Kristen Lamb on the short woman’s battle of the thighs.

There are a few of you who have written blog posts in the past few days that I wanted to share, but I can’t find the links! So you all will make next week’s round-up. Or the week after, should I file the round-up into the “drafts” folder and forget about it again. Yipes.