Old Things

My fiance makes fun of me for my love of old things.

It’s true. I do like old things. I like history. I like reading Jane Austen and historical biographies. I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey (and you should be, too!).

We lived in a two-hundred-plus-year-old fortified plaza in New Mexico:


The acequia ran right under our front doorstep. This plaza is one of the oldest such structures still standing in North America–seriously! The original post office for Chimayo was right next door to our bedroom.


I collect old books of poetry, specifically collections of Wordsworth’s works. I have a couple of mid-nineteenth century volumes. I have several pieces of jewelry made by my great-grandfather. I bought this 1950s dress this weekend in St. Louis:

I love feeling like I’m a part of history, that I’m walking where people walked hundreds of years before me, touching something they touched, feeling what they felt. Most of us are disconnected from our past and from our ancestors. It’s a commitment to our past and to the future to try to keep our history alive.

Do you like old things? What connections do you have with the past?