headshot 2I have a Master of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University, which launched me on a short-lived but very exciting career as a newspaper reporter. After graduate school, I worked for five different newspapers around the country, writing about politics, crime, arts, environmental issues, crack addicts, prostitutes, and parades. I eventually wised up and decided that making up political fights and crime scenes would be a lot more fun than reporting on real ones.

Today, I write fantasy and urban fantasy, play way too many games, co-host a geeky podcast called “The Young Podawans” with my buddy Brian O’Conor, and spend way too much time thinking about wool.

Here you can find my exploits in the publishing world, my thoughts on the fantasy genre in popular culture, and stories about my various real-life shenanigans. You can also find me at Spellbound Scribes and on Twitter, or email me at kristin[AT]kristinmcfarland[DOT]com.

Like what I do? Consider buying me a coffe on Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/kristinmcfarland

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  2. I live on the south side of Bloomington, and work in the office at Cook Incorporated. I was downtown Bloomington on June 29, Saturday, and parked on 4th Street, restaurant row. Assuming I found the correct person, there was a window envelope on the ground near my car, addressed to you at Basswood address from Humana One, and postmarked June 26. I picked it up to put back in the mail but wanted to contact you to see if that’s the best way–to just put it in a mailbox–or if you want me to write a different address on it. I assure you I’m not a stalker or anything weird. Just trying to do a kind deed. Please email me directly rather than reply here as it will be more efficient.

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