Episode 4 Bonus: A Really Great Ax

Check it out! Not only am I podcasting again, I wrote a (very short) thing!

A Strange Mood

In memory of Vabok Kadolsigun
Born 40
Went missing in the year 111
Slayer of Clovenfish the Faded Sadness
United with black bronze

The pinkish rock salt tablet seemed woefully inadequate to the bearded man that had changed Kol Copperleopard’s world.

They hadn’t noticed each other at first; on the long, cold journey to the new fort, in the lean early years of Ragdreams, when all had been dolomite dust and cold berry mush for dinner, he had been simply another dwarf in the mix. He was an adequate miner, a decent conversationalist, but not really noteworthy in any respect. Unlike many of the others, however, he didn’t yell at Kol. Somehow he had recognized that being expedition leader did not truly make her the arbiter of the fort’s fate.

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